How To Distribute Hotel Rich Media To Thousands Of Travel Websites

Rich Media Distribution

Before we learn how to distribute rich media, one might ask what exactly is Rich Media Distribution?

Rich Media Distribution is a service that allows delivery of interactive multimedia to a broad network. Specifically, rich media distribution for hotels is a method of sending out 360-degree virtual tours, photos, and videos to thousands of travel booking websites, travel agencies, travel research websites, search engines, travel portals, corporate booking engines, meeting planner websites, and global distribution systems.

Hotels and resorts spend millions of dollars each year for commercial photos, virtual tours, videos and other marketing media. Most hotel management companies know how important it is to have high-quality photos and virtual tours on their websites to help close the deal with prospective guests. They understand that travel shoppers look at the properties photos and media first, and almost immediately decide if a property is up to par.

One way to be sure that all of those great photos are seen by possible clients is to implement a rich media distribution plan. This type of service allows hoteliers, or their agencies, to upload, manage, and distribute their rich media content to many popular travel websites and portals mentioned above. Potential guests appreciate the benefit of having photos and virtual tours in front of them when they are making booking decisions on travel, restaurant reservations, or event planning.

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